adidas skateboarding has announced Skate Copa 2014, a shop  vs shop contest tour, which is set to hit the Coleman/LES skate park on April 26, 2014. Finals will be held at The Berrics who will also be airing episodes from each cities contest at theberrics.com/adidasskatecopa.

Here’s how they explain the format of the contest:

Contest Format:

A shop team can be made of four skaters, one of which can be a pro from the shop roster. An additional fifth team member can be added to the team if a shop member/owner wants to take part (the member/owner must be over 30 years old).

Each of the five qualifying tour stops will be based on a jam format where the top three skater’s scores of each team will be counted.

At the end of each contest, a cash prize of $500 for the Best Trick is up for grabs for anyone at the event who wants to partake, contestants and spectators alike.

The winning Shop Team from each of the five regional qualifiers will be flown to LA for the final on the 11th of July at The Berrics.

For more information about the format and details about each of the stops, please check out: http://theboardr.com/adidasSkateCopa.