Last night despite the cold snap, TenantNY had a packed house for the release of the latest offering from Skate Jawn. Issue 54 continues in their full color editions. Skate Jawn’s editor Marcus Waldron, confirmed that they’ve gone full color since issue 50. There’s a lot to unpack in this issue. The product review on deodorant was definitely a long time coming, and we’re glad someone is finally speaking up and giving the pleasant odor products some love. In the photo submissions, not only can he skate apparently John Shanahan can capture a flick pretty well too.

The cover features Jamal Smith doing a switch frontside krook on a nice bank spot. Inside the pages are filled with some great photos. There’s a really good read from Amy Ortis on breaking out of her comfort zone and going on street sessions and skating with people who may be better than you. Sometimes the intimidation factor can weigh heavy on people. The Bronze 2020 coverage is also really well done as is the entire issue. Mike Bova’s back noseblunt is features in an ad for a new video project coming in March from Seasons Skateshop.

People seemed hyped on the new issue. Pick up yours at your local skate shop or visit them online. If you’re ready to ditch the cold weather, there’s also an article by Max Palmer about Guadalajara and a sweet taco recipe in the Bustcrew in LA piece.  Bon appetit!