This year’s Riverside Skate Jam went down at the Riverside skate park (aka The Andy Kessler Memorial Skate Park) this past Sunday. There was a wallride contest and additional vert contests went down including: Juniors, Girls, Under 40 & Masters (results below). Big thanks to all the sponsors and everyone for coming out. Photos below for anyone who couldn’t make it.


Contest Results:

Wall Ride
1st Adrian Krasniqi
2nd Tim Oneill
3rd Ivory Serra

1st George Hufnagel
2nd Elery Snyderman
3rd Jayden Bell
4th Russell Hickman

1st Victoria Paez
2nd Ali Axelrod
3rd Iyonce Jackson
4th Patriocia Pierre
4th June Accorenti

Under 40’s
1st Tim Oneill
2nd Dean Mendez
3rd Angus Mcgillivray Smith
4th Duncan Mcgillivray Smith
4th Milo Richardson
4th Adrian Krasniqi

1st Bryan Montez
2nd Ivory Serra
3rd Shelter Serra
4th John Fudala


Photos via Danielle Dejesus: