Major skateboarding & BMX event – Dew Tour is hosting the Toyota City Championships in Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY this weekend (9/19 – 9/21). Taking over a full block in front of the House of Vans (25 Franklin St.) featuring their signature streetstyle event. In addition to the championships there’s also a whole bunch of surrounding events including: concerts, parties, art shows and a contest for local skate shop teams. If you’re interested in attending we’ve put together a guide including some helpful questions & answers below.

Q: Where can I get tickets? 
A: Access to the Franklin Street course is open to the public. Event gates will open at noon on Saturday, September 20 and 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 21. However access to events inside the House of Vans is limited but we will try to post event info as it comes our way.

Q: What’s the schedule for Dew Tour Brooklyn?
A: Below is a copy of the schedule:


Q: What do the courses look like?
A: We posted up some of the designs here.

Q: Can I skate any of the courses?
A: Shops have access to an open skate Sunday morning (invitational only).

Q: Who’s competing? 
A:  Below is a list of who’s invited:


Q: How many competitions are there?
A: Split into Street or Streetstyle there are (2) BMX contests and (3) skateboarding contests.

Q: I heard about the Green Label Gallery at House of Vans, what’s that all about?
A: Its a crowd curated gallery that live prints Instagram submissions with the hashtag #GreenLabelGallery, curated by Brooklyn Artist – Kevin Lyons. Pretty cool and open to the public (first come, first serve).

Q: Can I watch it live from my computer?
A: There’s a live stream on, streaming schedule below:



Q: Where can I find out more info about Dew Tour?
A: For more info visit where there’s another guide here.