Staten Island will soon be opening a new public skate park inside Faber Park, Port Richmond overlooked by the Bayonne Bridge. We headed over to take a first look at the $1.5M / 10,000 square foot street plaza, here’s our first impression. First noticeable trait of the park is it’s red colored concrete bordered with boulders and stone foundation ledges with a prominent red volcano directly in the center of the sloped landscape. There’s around 3 major branches of the park including plenty of metal edged ledges (straight & curved), some hubbas, handrails, stairs, euro-gaps and some 3′ banks. There’s also a 3′ mini bowl with metal coping, unfortunately it only has three sides. The place is quirky and fun but has a few bottlenecks that could be a problem during a crowded session.


Design via Action Sport Development

The skate park was originally requested by Jared Moller (14 at the time). Jared visited a community association meeting then followed up with a 150 signature petition to the Borough President James Molinaro who then allocated $1.2 million to initially fund the project. Congratulations to Jared and everyone else who worked to get this park. Some pictures and clips from the completed Faber Skate Park below.

Official opening date: 6/4/2015