In 2016 we proudly hit our 7th anniversary, published roughly 550+ posts, 200+ events, 20+ exclusive interviews and added Brett Conti and Rodney Torres to the NYSB Crüe. We’ve focused on publishing more NY Clips, Full Videos, Mailbox Mondays and introduced a new way to view content via NYSB Channels. So simply put, we’re putting in work! Looking back, here’s Part 1:


Golconda Skatepark Opens

It seems like it took forever but the well-awaited Golconda skatepark (formerly Fat Kid Spot) opened to the public in November.


We Interviewed Keith HUFnagel

We met up with New York native Keith Hufnagel after his opening of HUF NYC down in SOHO back in August. Huf has done it all from being a legendary skateboarder to growing one of skateboarding’s biggest brands – HUF. Peep parts 1, 2 & 3 of our exclusive interview.


McCarren Skatepark Gets Transformed

McCarren skatepark had been weathered for over five years and commonly referred to the worst skatepark in New York. Nike SB, California Skateparks and Steve Rodriguez came in and gave it a permanent facelift for GSD this year. We did a little profile.


Bobshirt Interviews

Our friend Bobshirt not only has the best 90’s skateboard collection but has been running our favorite interview series helping promote Deckaid. History lessons right from the mouths of some legendary names.


LURK NYC & Johnny Wilson

NY Clips have filled the gap between full production skate videos and daily mind-numbing instaclips. LURK NYC and Johnny Wilson owned the NY Clip category this year. Always dope to see a new clip go live, thanks gentlemen!


… to be continued in Part 2