2015 was our sixth year covering the New York skateboarding community. We launched the 4th version of our site, welcomed more contributors, posted 200+ events and 450+ posts. In addition to daily blog posts, NY clips & videos we also worked on some interviews, event recaps and a closer look at some brands, shops & spots.

Starting with January through June, here’s of a look back at some of the memorable posts from 2015.


Gino & Dill

We began 2015 with an exclusive interview with Gino Iannucci and Jason Dill, their first interview together after Gino moved over to FA.

KCDC Skate Night Live Stream

We live streamed KCDC Skate Night at the Long Island City keyholder spot.

10 New York Indoor Spots

We listed 10 New York spots to skate indoors during last year’s Winter.

Jenkem’s “A Slice Of New York”

Jenkem featured our Skate Trash T in their “A Slice Of New York” exhibition.

Antihero at House of Vans

Antihero visited the House of Vans with Bad Shit & Grindline.

STOOPS Magazine Launched

STOOPS Magazine launched appropriately with a photo show.

LIC Keyholder Spot

Long Island City keyholder spot was fun while it lasted!

Skateistan/Paul McCarthy Fundraiser at MoMa

Skateistan collaborated with artist – Paul McCarthy and held a fundraiser at MoMa.

Volcom Game of S.K.A.T.E.

Volcom hosted a game of S.K.A.T.E. inside their Soho store.

5Boro/Stefan Marx Art Show at KCDC

KCDC hosted an art & photo show with 5Boro & Stefan Marx.

NYSB v4.0

We upgraded NYSB to v4.0.

Alumni Skate Shop

We checked out Alumni skate shop and interviewed owner – JP Lotz.


We welcomed on the Gnarmads and introduced what could be considered our travel section.

Faber Skatepark in Staten Island

We profiled the new Faber skate park in Staten Island.

Boardr AM at LES

We covered The Boardr AM contest at LES park.

El Señor’s Spencer Fujimoto

We sat down with El Senor’s Spencer Fujimoto to learn about some of the players involved.

Vans Propeller NYC Premiere

Some photos from the Vans Propeller NYC premiere.

Nike’s Temp Park at 50 Kent

We profiled the temporary Nike skate park in Greenpoint Brooklyn.

Deckaid/Skateistan Fundraiser w Bobshirt

Deckaid held a fundraiser for Skateistan with Bobshirt’s skateboard collection on display.

Adult GSD

We rolled witht the 21+ crew for another Adult Go Skateboarding Day.

Bobshirt Interview

We interviewed 90’s skateboarding collector –  Bobshirt.

Fairweather Skateboards

Fairweather Skateboards gave us the rundown on some of their board graphics.

Gnarmads in Cuba

Kicking off our “travel section”, the Gnarmads recapped their trip to Cuba.


[to be continued in Part 2]