Aaron Herrington’s NYC Off The Grid episode featured on The Berrics just turned a year old, being published last January. His was the last one to feature NYC in the series so far. Here’s a rundown of 10 more Off The Grid episodes shot in New York.

Eli Reed & Zered Bassett (9/2011)

Anthony Pappalardo (9/2011)

Kevin Coakley, Dela & Yaje (10/2011)

Joey Pepper & Curtis Rapp (11/2011)

Jack Sabback & Kevin Tierney (12/2011)

Jimmy McDonald & Joe Tookmanian (12/2011)

Dan Pensyl & Willy Akers (3/2012)

Luis Tolentino (9/2012)

Ryan Lay (10/2012)

Clark Hassler (11/2012)

Jimmy McDonald, Jordan Trahan & Rob Gonyon (1/2013)

Stefan Janoski (2/2013)

Billy Rohan & Quim Cardona (4/2013)

Nestor Judkins (1/2014)