In the early 2000’s, Aaron Suski was steadily killing it. In the era when big rails and jumping down stairs was king, Suski preferred more variety and creative skating. When asked what makes a good video part he has said “Just some creative clips. I’m down with the daredevil shit, I like watching it, but 
I like style and fluidness better.” You can easily see his influence on skating in the city today.

Originally from Cuddebackville in upstate NY, Aaron made his way down to the city and started skating with Steve Rodriguez and the 5boro crew, eventually turning pro for them. With a grind named after him, he has cemented his place on the list of classic New York skaters. His part from 5boro’s 2003 video “Word of Mouth” is a great example of his ability to skate anything and make it look good.