Even though the ground was wet and the latest pour of concrete wasn’t cured yet, it didn’t stop people from showing up and supporting the New Jersey DIY that is Shorty’s. Vans, Coda Skateboards, Low Card Magazine, Domestics Clothing, and 5Boro Skateboards sponsored a swap meet to help raise money to build more stuff. Not to be stopped by a little water, they broke out the fans and brooms to dry up the ground early in the day.

While everyone waited for the ground to dry out, Vans started up the grill and supplied some beverages. People got a chance to check out products from different vendors. It also was a good opportunity to just kick it with friends, old and new.

Even though the ground never really dried up, the call from the crete to be skated was too strong to keep people from skating. Before long, griptape, shirts and hands were a muddy mess. At the end of the day, money was raised, skating went down, and the sun eventually came out to shine on the good times.