Shit Happens is a full length video made by Daniel Policelli from Toronto. I came across this video on youtube and it grabbed my attention. It brought me back to when I was younger, skating all the time and making videos with friends just because it was fun and gave us a reason to go travel around to different places. In fact, it made me want to go skate Toronto! I emailed the filmmaker and here’s what he had to say about the video below.

PaulBorzenkoBS BluntslideFSBigspinOutDanSedrancropped

Photo by Dan Sedran

“I’ve been making videos for about 4 years now. We took a trip to NYC back in March of 2014. It was pretty early into filming for our video and it wasn’t really a filming mission trip, more just a fun skate trip. Our buddy Paul Borzenko used to live in Brooklyn before moving to Toronto. It was spring break for us, so he went to visit some of his family and my buddy Christian and I tagged along. We stayed at his relatives house for that week and had a great time. Paul showed us around some of the more popular spots like Blubba and the 3 up 5 down at Chase, and we also spent a lot of time at L.E.S. park. We didn’t get a whole lot for the video but there is a couple of clips that we used. I would definitely like to go back again.” -Daniel Policelli