A rollerblading contest just went down in Staten Island. Yep…you read that right, rollerblading just had an organized contest, something I haven’t heard about or seen in years. With the whisper of a long forgotten mortal enemy slipping through the cracks it got me wondering, do we still hate the fruitbooters?

Woodpushers vs Rollerbladers

When I was growing up, the Wood-pusher vs. Fruitbooter feud was deep rooted and forever tense. But as the years passed and Brink’s “Soul Skater’s” disappeared into the ether, scooter kids took up their overly-waxed place. An even more hated group, these kids steadily annoyed everyone at the skatepark, even backflips fail to impress. Seeing one of these kids getting trucked is something every skateboarder can laugh at and rejoice in.

You have to wonder, if these contests start happening more and more, will rollerblading become popular? Between BMX dudes, scooter kids, & Fruitbooters, skateparks could once again become a territorial battleground where people get aggro and start picking real fights. Or, we’ll just say the hell with it and skate in the streets more…who knows?

But off all the minor annoyances in the modern skatepark, what’s one more right? I used to ride for a shop that sold skateboards and rollerblades in south Florida. Of course, I would rag on the rollerbladers as much as anyone else until they finally convinced me to go skate their spots one night. I have to admit, I was jealous of the spots they could hit with limited run-up. When we did hit spots that had run up, it took all my energy to pop up onto these high-ass ledges and rails. Talking and chilling with them in between was pretty chill to. I came away that night with a few clips and a little more respect for those dudes on 8 wheels. I guess what I’m saying is as long as someone isn’t on a scooter, or waxing the ledges and rails with a whole box of candles, I can tolerate a little more diversity in the parks. If I collide with you, our interaction will generally go like the one below. But for crying out loud, keep those weird kids running up and down the ramps at McCarren in Crocs out of there!