This past Go Skateboarding Day McCarren Skatepark got a highly anticipated redesign. It’s the first major redesign since the park was originally built in 2009 (original construction pics below).

Most noticeable difference is the smoother ground and it went from having the steepest banks and mellowest quarterpipe in NYC to the complete opposite. Some of the original banks still exist as the redesign was actually built on top of the original park. The actual footprint of the park is still the same.


New additions to the park include a set of stairs, multiple rails, hubbas, a hip and more of a flow than the original park (photos below). Big thanks to Nike SB, Steve Rodriguez and California Skateparks who did a pretty good job with this one in the short time frame they had to build it!

Google Maps Link

TIP: If the pool/rec center is open next door you can go inside and get water and use the restrooms as long as you sign in at the desk.