Photos via @cornphoto :: Words by Matt Kruz

Shorty’s DIY is located in the industrial outskirts of Newark, NJ. Inside an enormous decrepit warehouse, local skaters have been building within the space for over 5 years by hand. Recent expansion has brought new and larger features, with constant plans to continue building. A little while ago the mayor had come down with his bodyguards, and locals describe his thoughts and reactions as quite positive- the huge lot isnt just a dump and drug den anymore, and there has even been an influx of residents/families coming to BBQ and play volleyball by the complex in safety. Through expanding and building, skaters have inadvertently made the area cleaner and safer for others in the neighborhood.


Supposedly the city is turning a blind eye to the spot, to allow continued building for now until the property gets eventually (hopefully never) sold and would have to be surrendered- for now it is a self-governed haven, shelter and precipitator of taking projects into your own hands and making shit happen as a community. Most of Shorty’s was built through skater-raised funds, and recently has been getting some help from larger brands. Huge thank you to everyone involved, and to independent help from a wide variety of local and global builders over the years. 


Last Saturday, Vans hosted a BBQ skate jam, providing burgers beers and shoes for skaters. It wasn’t just about the contest and tricks, and there was a substantial turnout of skaters, friends and families to support the spot and everything it represents. 


Skate Asbury rolled in strong to collect and redistribute donated boards to kids and those in need of equipment. By partnering with Boards for Bros, they had gathered over 30 completes, and will continue to give them away today, August 27th at the Boys & Girls Club in Asbury Park. They are also heavily working with the state to create a brand new skatepark in Asbury, NJ. Check out www.asburyparkskateboardfoundation.org for updates, upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.


Shoutout to SKATEJAWN, Marcus & Noah for making it down amidst their travels with shirts and magazines for all! 


There is nothing else like Shorty’s in the tristate area, and is definitely worth the trip. Find out where it is and go there, bring something to contribute. DO NOT PUBLICLY SHARE THE LOCATION, RESPECT THE PARK.