Name: Wyatt Stevens
Age: 23
Hometown: Newburgh, NY
Current Location: NYC
Years Skating:13
Years Filming: 8


Tell me about your Youth Report series. How did you come up with this project?
The project initially started as therapy, I wasn’t feeling to great due to some personal issues, so I made YR0003 to make myself feel better using a bunch of photos I had on my computer. It grew into some bigger after that.

What’s your take on youth culture these days?
I feel like most kids nowadays are so lost in the sauce. Not aware of all the power and life they have access to more than any generation before it. The thing is, most kids are using it all for the wrong reasons, hopefully that changes.

Do you feel like Youth Report is sort of your commentary on youth culture or just merely your observations of it?
Youth Report, I would say it’s both commentary and observation. More or less my interpretation of what it feels like to be young nowadays. Its really about staying young and reveling in it while you are. It’s a celebration of youth because we know its not permanent. Not in a hedonistic way, but in a genuine sense. 


How’d you get into filmmaking in the first place?
I used to watch the special features on DVD’s back in the day and it got me more hyped than the actual movie most of the time. The process of how something that I find impressive, is made. I would rent DVD’s from the library and binge. All sorts of movies. In high school, we had a media program. My teacher at the time passed me a canon gl-1 and that was all she wrote.

I really like the stop-motion aspect of YR0008, what made you employ that technique?
At first, it was just something that I enjoyed doing. I made my first stop motion when I was like 16. Out of all the styles of film making that I’ve tried, stop motion is the one that kind of stuck. For Youth Report I just wanted to try something different than I had tried previously.

Do you have any new skate-related projects in the works?
Hell yea! started a series aptly called LES Report haha. That should be out very very soon. Working on a chill full length skate video as well with some of the homies. that video is call MINT GREEN, so be on the look out for that!

What’s your favorite borough to skate in?
Damn that’s a good question, as much as I love Brooklyn, I love skating in manhattan below 14th street.


How has skating and living in New York influenced you?
I would say that it’s influenced quite a lot, its opened all sorts of doors that don’t really get opened where I’m from, I love being able to live and skate here.

Are you a NY Lifer or do you plan on moving elsewhere someday?
I love New york, it will always be my number 1, I do however plan to do a considerable amount of traveling so we shall see. The world is huge!

If you could skate on NY spot for the rest of your life what would it be?
Anywhere below 14th street!

What do you enjoy most out of filmmaking?
I do a lot of shit, and always have. I’ve been called a “jack of all trades” on more than one occasion. I feel like filmmaking allows me to express all the different dimensions of myself. Because whatever the medium, I can just film it.

Any shout outs or thank you’s to the homies?
Hell yea! Shout out to Haus of Altr! Shout out to Upstate Skateboards, Shout out to All the beautiful faces in Youth Report! all of my friends! Shout out to Surf Gang! and Shout out to Bailar!