Richie Blackshaw I Photo: Chris Spiegel

Photos by: Chris Spiegel 

Words by: Matt Kruszelnicki.

Asbury Ice Bowl 2017 lived up to its name with below freezing temperatures and slick surface conditions. The contest was in jam format, 2 teams with competitors ranging from 8-47 years old. The bowl was caged in during the event, allowing spectators to get close to the action- heats kicked off at 1pm and winners were decided after a couple hours of shredding. Prizes and packages were given out accordingly, but everyone had a great time and was a winner for showing up to compete in 19 degree weather. 

Blake getting a back disaster I Photo: Chris Spiegel

Sonny Pechillo I Photo: Chris Spiegel

Forth Union Skate and Culture organization is an event space and skatepark inside a historic carousel building, a greenly oxidized structure thats over 100 years old. Highly adorned and detailed, it looks like a secret level from the THPS videogame. Apart from quarter pipes and street obstacles, the centerpiece is a perfect 3 1/2 foot wooden bowl of three pockets and a hip. Originally it was located at Mountain Creek in upstate NY, moved and installed here courtesy of Red Bull. 

Dave Bohack I Photo: Chris Spiegel

The skatepark is part of the whole boardwalk redevelopment project, owned by Madison Marquette. The boardwalk was originally developed in the 1870’s as a beachside community and resort, with some remaining Victorian Era architecture. After over 100 years of history, ups and downs led to strong redevelopment efforts in the early 2000’s and even more so after Hurricane Sandy. In the 1990’s there was actually a large park in this same spot for a few years: Casino Skatepark. 

Tom Boyle archive photo

Lou Cuccaro I Photo: Ryan Gee

Barker Barett archive photo

As the frontmen and skate advisors for Forth Union, Derek Rinaldi and Lou Cuccaro are heavily immersed in the scene organizing projects and events. They also spearhead the New Jersey BoardsforBros and ASkate divisions, putting together fundraisers and lesson clinics. Join us for the ASkate autism awareness Mini Golf Tournament on April 15th! 

Thank you Skateboarding.

Derek Rinaldi I Photo: Chris Spiegel


Lou Cuccaro I Photo: Chris Spiegel