This year’s Riverside Skate Jam will most likely be the last on the iconic 20-year-old blue ramps (originally built by the late Andy Kessler) as they’re set to be replaced by a cement park in the future. 250+ people came through and enjoyed a beautiful day in New York and got to watch some great skateboarding, all in memory of skateboarding legend – Andy Kessler! Andy’s sister Jodi was able to attend thanks to the Andy Kessler Foundation and so did many of Andy’s friends/OG’s. DJ Pork Chop and Mr. Vacation deejayed (vinyl of course) playing all genres as Brian Coscuk MC’d the event.

Photos by Tony West, Lori Weinstein, Jeffrey DeCeglia & Ray Sunwoo

DJs Mr. Vacation & Pork Chop | Photo: Ray Sunwoo


A bunch of contests for guys & girls of all different ages went down [results below], this year there were two girls in the under 40’s vert ramp heat – Jessie Frietze and Ashley O’Gorman. Congrats to first place winners: Tim O’Neill, Bryan Montez, Weston Macari, Ashley O’Gorman and Kyle Cielencki!

Contest Results:

Under 40s Vert Jodi Kessler, 3) Malachi Makaveli, 1) Tim O’Neill, 2) Duncan McGillivray Smith, Saffy Sajil | Photo: Lori Weinstein

Vert 40 & Under Results:

1st – Tim O’Neill
2nd – Duncan McGillivray Smith
3rd – Malachi Makaveli
4th – Michael Massagli
Best Doubles –  Jessie Frietze & Dean Mendez

Masters Ivory Serra Jim Murphey, SharkDog | Photo: Lori Weinstein

Vert Masters Results:

1st – Bryan Montez
2nd – Jim Murphy
3rd – Ivory Serra
4th – Shelter Serra
4th – John Fudala
4th – Robert Winslow

Juniors Matais Preston, Weston Macari & Kate Sowa | Photo: Lori Weinstein

Juniors Results:

1st – Weston Macari
2nd – Matais Preston
3rd – Kate Sowa

Girls Prize, Ashley O’Gorman, Jessie Frietze, Niki Culma | Photo: Lori Weinstein

Girls Results:

1st – Ashley O’Gorman
2nd – Jesse Frietze
3rd – Niki Culma
4th – Chris Culma
4th – Ruth Weinmann
4th – Sema Tasalam

Wall Ride Prizes 1) Kyle Cielencki 2) Frank Nicado 3) Andrw Gelles | Photo: Lori Weinstein

Wall Ride Results:

1st – Kyle Cielencki 11′-9″
2nd – Frank Nicado 11′-3″
3rd – Andrw Gelles 11′-0″

Big thanks to Ian Clarke for making the event happen, all the sponsors and of course everyone who came in support! More galleries are viewable on the Riverside Skatepark Facebook page.