On Saturday October 29th, we were blessed by the skategods with perfect weather, and Cooper Skatepark in Brooklyn was bustling with skaters, kids of all ages, families and neighborhood folk. We started warmups and fired up the grill around noon- with over 150 burgers and hotdogs for all! With so many obstacle options, we hosted two best trick contests (A-frame, Channel Gap) with product prizes & cash for top winners and promo goodies for participants!

Video recap by @jaylucci_

Congrats to LIAM (@_liamweatherup_) for winning the A-Frame contest and for being dressed as GUMBY the entire time and Anthony Padilla for crushing the channel gap contest and taking home a huge prize pack! Big ups to young shredders Chase Snyder (@sweepertheleg) and Jiro (@jirodreamofskating) with the biggest wins of the day.


 Shoutout to everyone that came out to share the love of skateboarding and community!! HUGE thanks to the sponsors for kicking product and food SHUT, HUF, Fortune, KCDC, LifeValet, IBudYou, Ethik, Bankmobile, Skateyogi, Rockstar Bearings, TreTruck, Shrug Life, Classy Screens.