The Hamilton Bridge skate park aka 181 park up in Washington Heights has not officially opened yet. It’s set to open late Fall 2014 (via Steve Rodriguez) but it has been getting some use these past few months. We checked it out last weekend for a closer look. Finding the park is not so easy, first you will need to head towards the intersection of 181st Street and Amsterdam Ave. Walk towards the 181 St Bridge/Washington Bridge on the South side and take the bike path downhill and you will eventually see the park. Walking down to the park is quite an experience as you first see a complete overview of the park below bridge lanes. Check the image below to see where we shot the photos.


Steve Rodriguez designed this park so you can put it on the same level as Coleman/LES and the Astoria skate park. It’s built on a downward slope so the flow can be compared to the River Ave (BX) skate park but includes a nice touch of real brick bubble banks. Peep it for yourself below.



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