Whether you love it or hate it, it seems that skateboarding is undeniably tied to fashion. Steve Aoki partnered with Dim Mak to create a new streetwear collection for 2017. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the looks, some in my opinion were pretty chill, but what do I know? I still sport the same straight leg jeans and t-shirt style I’ve been wearing since ’98. I can’t even get into that cuffed up dickies look that’s been popular for the last year or two…we used to call that shit “high-waters” and kids would bust on you wondering where the flood was.

Damon Hall with the model steez I Photo: @nytimes

At least these guys weren’t models just walking up and down a runway mall grabbing some kmart specials. Steve Aoki and crew did it proper. They brought on boardĀ local skaters like Damon Hall, Duncan Rowland, Walter Santana, and Matt Kruz among others building them a pretty fun looking ramp to shred for a few hours. It looked like a mini ramp with a pyramid in the middle and a vert wall on one end. I know I’m wondering what became of it after the event. From the photos it looks like Aoki and Dim Mak even pressed custom boards for the event and hooked up each skater with a full complete setup made specially to go with the clothing collection. In New York, everybody has their hustle. Say what you will about fashion being more involved with skateboarding, but you can’t really say look down on something that is giving opportunities to up and coming skaters. To have work, get their name out there and spend the day skating sounds like a pretty good deal overall. Congrats to Steve Aoki and Dim Mak on all the work they put into this. Check out the gallery below for the different looks from the event.