ISO /ASA / F stop markings around the taped outer sole I Photo: @thewastedtalent

Hey guys, I know, I know, it’s been a minute – hope everybody’s had a good winter. Today I want to talk about the adidas Skateboarding Seeley x Ari Marcopoulos shoes. Ari is a legendary photographer who documented a lot of the skate and downtown scene in NYC in the 1990’s and is an integral part of the skate scene in NYC, that being said, the shoe, although it’s a perfect skate shoe, the details aren’t to be ignored. From the different color vulc sole with ISO /ASA / F stop markings around the taped outer sole, to the foot inserts and insides covered in his photos and the “A’ight” on the tongue. No detail was left unnoticed in this shoe and it shows. The uppers are an embossed leather and sorta resembles elephant hide and it’s prolly equally as strong. All and all a good shoe.

Looks: I wanna give it a 9/10, I’m a photographer, so I’m bias to the theme of the shoe – sue me! 

Skatability: I’ll say a 8/10, they look like they can take a beating and the vulc sole makes for amazing board feel.

Comfort: I’d say a 9/10 – I’ve worn them for over a week and they’ve accommodated my “ole so wide feet”  and I’ve walked around all day in them and I have no complaints. 

It’s a great shoe and you can find it at your local retailer for around $85 – $90….