UXA is proud to present Ari Marcopoulos and Ryan Hickey guest project titled Culture Limited. A short documentary and photography art collaboration featuring 90’s New York skateboarder, Ryan Hickey.

Ari and Ryan are fixtures of New York skateboarding heritage. Their artistic interpretation, drive, and commitment to New York skateboarding culture paired with determination help elevate their craftsmanship. This spirit is why UXA has chosen Ryan Hickey and Ari Marcopoulos for their next guest project. Their goal is to help highlight and support Ryan’s talent and Ari’s contribution to NYC skateboarding culture and was made possible with the help and support from adidas Skateboarding.

The UXA guest series provide a historical and cultural platform to showcase independent spirit, creativity, and perspective to support the future of New York City street skateboarding.

The Culture Limited: UXA® / Ari Marcopoulos / Ryan Hickey Guest Project will include a limited run of 150 skateboard decks and premium t-shirts featuring 90’s photographs from Ari Marcopoulos and art from UXA founder, Peter Huynh. Everything will be available at the new UXA store on it’s opening day – 3/17/2017.