Go with God son. I Photo: @digimil

You know that stereotypical stoner kid they show in movies who throws out crazy ideas asking “Wouldn’t that be awesome, man?” Well, last Saturday it was like adidas and Alltimers took that kid seriously and just said yes to everything…and it WAS totally awesome man! Hands down the most insane event I’ve ever been to. As people entered the refurbished parking garage they were greeted by several basketball hoops set to varied heights surrounded by palm trees and a beautiful woman on duty to retrieve the barrage of airballs and rebounds from skaters turned halfcourt heroes.

Pick a hoop, any hoop. I Photo: @digimil

Right past the basketball hoop jungle was a petting zoo, yeah you read that right: a petting zoo, featuring alligators, pythons, and chinchillas. This one was a fan favorite people loved freaking out at the scaly animals and the adorable factor of chinchillas is pretty underrated. Check out a sampling of the reactions below.

Directly opposite the petting zoo on the other side of God and the gear, resided the mechanical bull. This thing had 3 settings and manual control. I think the record by the end of the night was 46 seconds but me being me got a little board getting thrown off on the first two settings and told Angelo the bull operator to take this thing as fast as it would go. That went pretty well for the first millisecond before what I call a windmill backflip dismount threw me off with a vengeance.

Add in some Air Hockey, two bars and you got the complete array of fun stuff to do. Oh but wait, there’s more! They also brought out two dudes who were doing cirque du soleil type stuff with one handed handstands on each other. Last but not least was this lady who made everyone stop in their tracks and stare. To be honest, anybody who starts swallowing swords, rifles, and coat hangers in the middle of a room is going to steal the show.

Still don’t understand how this is possible I Photo: @digimil

All the place needed was a snake run and you would’ve had Shredder’s lair from the 1989 Ninja Turtles movie. The night ended up being the most memorable launch party I’ve seen. Thanks to adidas and Alltimers for throwing an incredible event and thanks to Connor Brady for DJing the whole night. Get your hands on the new Alltimers collab here.