We received news this morning that Todd Schwartz aka “Bossman” has passed away. We met Todd shortly after we started the site back in 2009 when he owned Garden Sk8 skatepark (Pine Brook, NJ). To name just a few, Todd was also a biker, Marine, firefighter, drone pilot, creative consultant, PM, loving/supportive father and a well-known figure in the NY/NJ Hardcore scene through the band JUDGE.

Throughout Garden Sk8’s five year run Todd hosted countless sessions, camps and events, some of which we covered including: Mike Vallely’s Glory Bound Tour (2010), Hazel’s Beatloaf premiere (2010) and the Harold Hunter Bday – All Star Jam (2011). Unfortunately after flooding and other setbacks Todd decided against renewing the lease in early 2014. After the closing we didn’t get to see much of Todd but kept up with him via Instagram.

Todd was one of the most energetic, enthusiastic people we’ve ever met and it was always a memorable experience to visit him at the park or hang out with him here in NY for events. He was by far one of the most charismatic human beings we’ve ever met and he’ll always be remembered. Our condolences to Todd’s friends and family. #RIPBOSSMAN