This ledge combo setup is good times I Photo: @digimil

There’s another new park to add to the list. Yes it’s prefab, and the size causes it to get crowded fast, but this small park in Hempstead, Long Island offers a few gems that are worth a visit.

Where it’s at:

Nice little gap with and even smaller deck. I Photo: @digimil

Why it’s here:

The park was built in memory of Jarred Newallo who dreamed of having a skatepark in his hometown. After news of his tragic passing, the mayor reached out to his family and helped make his dream a reality. You can read more about Jarred here.

Tiny rail but the ledge is on point. I Photo: @digimil

Internet hype:

Local vlogger Chad Caruso has a video up of him skating the park and learning a kickflip front 5-0 on one of the quarterpipes. Skip to about 5:51 to get right to the stuff at the park unless you enjoy seeing what people send him in the mail.

Additional photos:

The troll that lives under the ramp is a chill dude I Photo: @digimil

Bank to ledge option I photo: @digimil

Sweet concrete mini ramp here | Photo: @digimil

Take a spin on this one I Photo: @digimil

Another angle for ya I Photo: @digimil