Photos By Los Estrada, Chris Mcdonald and Jason Campbell. Video Recap Filmed by Owley and Chum Media

Supra Footwear sponsored Adult Go Skateboarding Day 2019 here in NYC and it was a great turn out. Thanks again to the participants and supporting sponsors. Adult GSD is an offshoot of the original Go Skateboarding Day that began in 2004, created by Don Brown and then revamped by LifeValet and NYSB in 2011 with a group of New York Adult skateboarders to bring it back to its inspectional roots. To see it grow with more participants and bigger sponsors over the years has been amazing. Incorporating skateboard lessons as an introduction to skateboarding 3 years ago into the schedule has expanded our audience and helps create a give back to what we love and do.

With the weather not cooperating for the lesson portion of the day we were able to secure indoor space through Homage Skateboard Academy in Brooklyn. The manager Andrew Holloham hosted our crew for the morning lessons and jam session for 3 hours of action packed park skating and tons of tricks going down. We had a grip of students come through ranging from 16 years old to 70 something years old!

Bubbles electrifying the stage and the crowd.

Then the Sun came out just in time for us to meet up with the Official “Adult Go Skateboarding” Crew to begin our journey at 169 Bar, Sponsored by Frank151. We skated to the middle of the Williamsburg Bridge which has been appropriately named “Bridge Bar” for an “Adult Soda” and a group pic. After that we were off to Washington Pavilion for a DIY Session before making it to BK Wearhouse where The Meatball Shop catered us. Then off to McCarren Skatepark where skaters like Nolan Lee, Ryan Zimmerman, Eby Ghafarian, Simon Vasquez, Leon Toppin, Esteban Gomez, Joseph Gil, Colby Deluccia, Isiah Booker, TJ Hernandez and others threw down. From there we ventured to Turkey’s Nest for a Quick one and then heading to our final Skate Spot “Blue Park” which is conveniently located across from Meseroll Shop a rad Skateboard and BMX Shop carrying tons of local brands as well as being an exclusive Supra Footwear Dealer. We hung out at Meseroll Shop with Six Point Brew, Archie’s Pizza, Schaller Webber and giveaways from RAEN Eyewear and Dickies Girls & Dickies Bags.

Slashers will kick your ass.

Our last Skate session of the day was to head over to Union Pool, Brooklyn for three Amazing Local Bands. Bubbles opened the night with some chill new wave vibes while we settled in for the next two bands. Slam Section hit the stage with full force and energized the local crowd. Then comes the full on Skateboard Punk 80’s style Slashers with built in mosh pit craze. These 3 bands extended the day till midnight. Adult GSD started at 9am and went to midnight. A big thanks to the passionate skateboarders, amazing sponsors, and Supra Footwear to making this day happen for the 2nd year. I’m already looking forward to next year’s “Adult Go Skateboarding Week.”