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NYC transition skaters  wrapped up their first summer contest on Saturday July 13.

The “NYC Pool Series 2019”, took place at the Hudson River Park Pier 62 Skatepark, and was jointly organized by NYC Skateboard Coalition and the Hudson River Park.

Much thanks to the ground crew: Ian Clarke, Ali Axelrod, Schuyler Sattin, DJ Pork Chop and Emcees Andrew Gelles and Brian Koskuc.

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The competition attracted skate talent from both NYC and special visitors out of town.

Jonny Gasparotto from Brazil, a Creature pro, took home second place in the under 35s. Gasparotto tore up the Pool Brazilian style.

@gasparjonny photographer @seehearinc

Skaters competed under four categories divided by age and gender: Groms 13 and under, Girls, Under 35s, and 35 and over.

The under 35s was total gnar and mayhem. NYC local rippers Michael Massagli, Michael Dworak and Dean Mendez, Dimitri Sanford, Jabari Watson and other locals skated hard with classic full power pool skating. Michael Massagli’s full commitment lip tricks traversed multiple coping blocks.

Juan Pinero and Gasparottofrom (Brazil) took home first and second place. Local heroes Michael Massagl, also known as Mikey, came in third, and Dean Mendez was fourth.

The 35s and over category may see some older skaters, with some even over age 50. But make no mistake, these guys rip.

Shark Dog was hitting his huge bag of tricks with authority and precision, full power boneless, lien to tail, airs and rock and rolls and more. Original Zoo York skater, Jaime Puppet Head Affoumado, threw down some gorgeous old school style with deep end lay backs and many other gnarly tricks and great lines. DJ Jon aka Pork Chop took runs in between spinning vinyl with his gnarly fun style, always keeping it positive.

The girl transition skaters are coming on strong with 13-year-old Bombette Martin. Martin put on a huge bag of tricks and won first place. MameBonsu, who came after Martin, hit all parts of the pool with full speed and power.

For the the Groms, those under 13. All eyes were on the 9-year-old Kayo Martin. Martin is a fast rising star and took first place. Max Rabdau ripping into second place.

Kayo is the younger brother of Bombette, the winner from the girl’s category. The brother and sister pair are a fixture at Pier 62, thanks to their supportive parents Bomber and Mary, and are both progressing rapidly and developing their style, lookout for the Martins.

On the music side, our resident ripper/DJ Jon aka Pork Chop @the_ssps was spinning vinyl and squeezing in a few amazing runs in the over 35s skating to the Anti-Nowhere League. Pork Chop has held down the music end of our transition events for a number of years now with the incredible range of genres in his collection and Pork Chop takes his title as DJ seriously. In Pork Chop’s words, he played NYC block party style un-classic hip hop and funk classics, with punk and rock sprinkled in to break up the vibe while keeping it righteous and fun for all, we love you Jon.

@the_ssps photographer @lolonyc

NYC is known for it’s street skating because NYC has been denied good skateparks forever.

But thanks to the amazing Pier 62 skatepark with it’s 10 foot pool, we now have a serious crew of transition skaters.

With the new 11 foot pool under construction at Riverside Skatepark, we can only expect stronger pool skaters coming out of New York in the future.

The NYC transition skating scene is a tight-knit community that’s really a family with long term bonds and friendships we call the “62 crew” and made from an amazingly diverse group, including all age ranges and genders.

The next contest in the NYC Pool Series 2019 will be held at the Owls Head Skatepark, Brooklyn in the fall.

Thank you to all that made the event a reality:

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Full competition result:

Under 35s

1 Juan Pinero @skateinpeace
2 Jonny Gasparotto (brazil) @gasparjonny
3 Michael Massagli @xmikey662x
4 Dean Mendez @stoned_gizzelle

35 and over

1 Shark Dog @shark_dog
2 Ben Chalmers
3 Jon aka Pork Chop @the_ssps
3 Ian white
3 Jaime Puppet Head Affoumado @jaimeaff


1 Bombette Martin @bombette_martin
2 MameFremah Bonsu
3 Sydney Tomer @sydgnar
4 Francesca

Groms (13 and under)

1 Kayo Martin @kayo_martin
2 Max @maximillion2007
3 Gabriel Paskin @gabriel_pas_
4 Riley