Heading into 2020, Skate Night has evolved from what you may remember. I Photo: Los Estrada

The last Skate Night of the 2010’s felt like the end of an era as we usher in a new decade in the next couple of weeks. Not because of any change in what year it is, but because there’s something fresh about Skate Night these days. Some of the founding members have moved away leading Torro Pro Leo Heinart to take over the torch for former host, Big Jim Moore, who made the phrase “Welcome to Skate night!” famous.

Gizmo bringing the slices to the masses. I Photo: Los Estrada

Gone are the days of sloppy eating contests now replaced by free food for all (while it lasts) courtesy of generous sponsors like Williamsburg Pizza & Grillo’s Pickles among others. Each Month, skaters can pop in to Max Fish at 120 Orchard St. to hang with friends and catch a Skate Video, December featured the latest video from Natural Koncept Skateboards: Steady Creepin’.

The competition gets intense quickly. I Photo: Los Estrada

Boards For Bros NY sponsors a board build contest where two people go head to head to see who is the fastest at putting together a board with only a skate tool. First one to finish their setup and land a kickflip takes the prizes and bragging rights. The winner this month walked away with a vintage REAL Skateboards signed Nick Dompierre pro model deck. The supplies for the contest come from local shops and people who donate their drop offs. Shout out to Labor Skateshop for the gently-used decks this month. The completed skateboards are given out to local kids in need, many times as their first skateboard. The next giveaway is set to be in the Bronx in January.

I’m doing double duty here repping Boards For Bros & NYskateboarding I Photo: Los Estrada

While DJ Mr. Vacation supplies the beats for most of the night. Live bands take over and bring up the energy. Where else will you find yourself in an impromptu mosh pit on a Monday? Bands like Miracle Mile and Duke Sims featuring Local legend Puppethead headlined the event. It’s really become a hyper local affair, combining local talent even down to the flyer illustrations that come from Dan Pheo, who’s done pretty much everything you can do in skateboarding up to this point. Look out for his interview in Transworld coming out sometime in the near future.

The changes have really reinvigorated the event, shifting the focus onto supporting the NY Skateboarding community, making it a must attend event for many 21+ New York Skaters each month. If you haven’t been recently it’s worth seeing what’s new. Not in Manhattan? Not to worry, there are plans in the works to expand to Queens and Long Island in 2020. Special thanks to adidas Skateboarding for being our main partnering sponsor the past few years. Shout out to everyone who makes these events possible. Want to be a part of the next one? Reach out to [email protected] or DM @skatenightnyc on Instagram.