Kasper and Kris out front of 1096 Dekalb Ave.

2020 is bringing about a ton of change for the NYskateboarding scene. New parks, new up and coming rippers, and new shops have changed the landscape for the better. Brooklyn has all but been solidified as the highest concentration of skateboarding in NY, with Tenant NY adding itself to the mix. We stopped by to meet the owners and check out what sets this shop apart.

Shop: Tenant NY
Owners: Kasper Bejoian, Peter Kulko, Kris Buhidar
Location: 1096 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221
Shop Hours: Monday-Sunday 12-8pm
Phone: (646) 784-2530

NYskateboarding: So tell me a little about how Tenant came to exist?

Kasper: I’m born and raised in NYC, been skating out here since I was 11 or 12. Shout out to Billy Rohan for doing so much for my childhood and other skaters in NY. I wanted to give back to a place that has given me so much. At the time when we decided to open this there wasn’t a skateshop out here in BedStuy and the community out here is so big so we saved up money and opened it up. We wanted to do a few different things like be a little more art focused and highlight some of the things that made us fall in love with skateboarding like the weird little skits in videos. The ads in magazines that were ambiguous and didn’t make sense but if you knew, you knew.”

Kasper: The name came about because you know none of us own our apartments, we’re all tenants here for right now.

Kris: The graphics are inspired but stuff we’re into like the Joe’s Apartment tee. The movie was about this dude played by Jerry O’Connell who moves to the city from the country and getting shit on. I related to it because I’m from Texas and my first two years out here were a God Damn nightmare. Billy Rohan can testify to that he was my magical tour guide out here. He was my first friend and showed me the cheap places to get food, helped me get a couch to stay on and stuff.”

Kasper: Everything we do whether it’s obvious or not is influenced by New York and our surroundings.

NYskateboarding: What inspired the interior aesthetic of the shop?

Kris: It’s shit from our apartment. Rat Fink was a gift to the shop. Mostly weird knickknacks and stuff. If you notice there’s no skate VHS’s, basically because we lent them out and never got them back [laughs].

Kasper: We wanted to have a clean look, core with personality to it. The random stuff kinda shows our personality you know. Shout out to Milo Newman who did the whole custom buildout. This shop wouldn’t be what it is without him he is from Massachusetts and shopmates with Max Palmer and the Skate Jawn dudes. He moved out here a while ago and helped us out.

NYSB:  What’s the goals you guys have for the shop?

Kris: Community first. I just want to watch it grow organically and support the community around us. We have big plans design wise but at the same time that’s all for the people. Give back and not talk down to anyone.

Kasper: I would also say to bridge the gap between carrying a brand that isn’t necessarily a skate brand but skaters have been loyal to for year like Ben Davis, quality work wear that a lot of skaters rock. We also carry a lot of stuff from Vintage Sponsor, it’s almost like you come here and can learn. Maybe an Ed Templeton graphic that came out in 1998 that you’ve never seen but now you can really appreciate his art, you know?

In terms of the block that we’re on, we’ve been lucky. We stand out from the other shops but it’s been accepting like, even the opening party we had about 400 people come thru and skate and whatever and cops didn’t mess with it. It’s a good vibe.

Sitting down for the interview with these guys was a lot of fun. We talked a little bit of skate history, joked around, and got a feel for the store. You can tell they genuinely want to give back to something they love and put a lot of effort into every facet of what they do. If you’re in the neighborhood make sure to stop by, skate the rail and check out what’s new.