If you came here for actual pointers on Winter hazards you’ve probably either never been in winter before or sincerely seeking help, either way you will be sorely disappointed by what follows. You see, every now and then I scroll through youtube for the latest skateboard related videos that are relevant to New York. This week, after my edible kicked in I came across this video from Youtuber Moulden, which seems to be about a Japanese skateboarder who started traveling in Australia and came to NY. MOULDEN professes to “keep traveling to find Gs from all across the world.” At about 0:12 seconds into this video I was caught off guard and felt like I was in that Simpsons episode where Homer finds out he’s a big deal in Japan.

Did I mention my edible kicked in? Ok so, after the initial shock of the editing style wears off I realize this video is really trying to warn people about the hazards winter brings us in the city streets: salt being the main offender. Moulden then goes on to recommend oiling your bearings. The seemingly obvious advice is at least trying to be helpful. So I bit and went down the rabbit hole to find his other videos which are basically recordings of Moulden pushing, complete with a map depicting the journey.

At this point I’m ready to move on to whatever Youtube is gonna throw at me next when that little video in the lower right hand corner catches my eye. Good Donuts? Well, I’m always down for donuts and feeling a little more hungry than usual I’m drawn right back into the strange new world that is Moulden. Again I am caught off guard! Instead of finding myself drooling over some maple bacon donuts I’m watching what feels like the intro video for an indie sitcom. Moulden is vaping and reading a book, walking through the streets and singing to me from a stairwell? Multiple cuts and video transitions jump across my screen for nearly three minutes when we fade to black with guess what-NO DONUTS! Not a single, old fashioned or glazed in sight. No jelly, no frosting, just Moulden walking and singing with rotating pills on screen. Now, granted I did say I had an edible but I double checked, it’s part of the video. I’m so confused and hurt, how could you do me like that Moulden? I’m over this, on to the next video. Thanks for reminding me to oil my bearings I guess.