Homage is celebrating their 15th anniversary this month and teamed up with Alexis Sablone on a special collab series. The series includes decks, beanies, hats and stickers. Available now on HomageSkateboards.com.

“I was happy to design a series for Homage because I love what they’re about and everything they do for the local skate community. For me, every creative process starts with too many directions and only through drawing and redrawing does one idea continue to reappear—to stick. I can’t say why it happens, but it does, and it’s that idea I try to run with. With a series like this one, once I have one small piece decided, I like to build a narrative around it to find the others. The resultant story might not be fully coherent or even readily apparent to others, but it’s a story, to me, nonetheless, that ties everything together.”

-Alexis Sablone