We joined the Vans crew along with Josh from Element & Honda from WeSC yesterday and took a little trip down to the new skate park in Far Rockaway. The park is real easy to find, just take Seagirt Blvd towards Beach 13th Street and you will see the park close to the beach. It also has it’s own parking lot so no worries if you’re driving.  If you’re coming by Subway you’ll need to take the A to Far Rockaway (Mott Ave) then hop on the Q113 bus from Mott Ave station to Beach 14th Street. A nearby address for GPS or Google Maps is 1410 Seagirt Blvd, Far Rockaway NY 11691.

Zered Basset - exiting the park with this long boardslide

The park itself was super fun, it kind of felt like a mix of Pier 62 and Astoria. Great flow, smooth ground, super open and cement banks everywhere. The middle ledge section is cool with about 3 different levels, manny pads, all types of ledges edged with metal, plus a couple euro-gaps. Transition was a little disappointing as it follows the 3′ rule, bowled out corners felt like the Maloof Park’s bowl section but with a little more breathing room. The six-stair sits nicely in the middle of the park with a handrail in the middle and metal ledges on either side all look about normal height. Additionally there’s a medium size volcano and a circle like spine that give the park it’s unique look.

Joey Pepper - big fs ollie over the gap

Check the pics to see everything up close including some shots of Zered Basset & Joey Pepper who showed up a little later and destroyed the place. Zered’s long boardslide outside the park was by far the trick of the day (see sequence above). If you’r planning to hit up that rail keep in mind that those are thorn bushes on the side!

Chopper Dave from Vans - fs rock