After filming for seven years Josh Stewart premiered the highly anticipated skate video Static IV at Sunshine Cinemas (New York, NY) last Thursday night. The theatre was packed out filling up with people hungry to see the 4th video of an iconic skate video series. The lights went down and a few promos played prior to the film but once Static IV hit the screen the crowd went wild. Part by part the styles the spots and the tricks were dope. To our surprise at the end of Static IV instead of kicking everyone out they suggested taking a 10 minute break and then come back to our seats for a surprise premiere of Static V, the final chapter of Josh’s Static series. Static V stepped a notch including a dope Hopps section and one of the best NYC montages to date. From some of the freshest names on the come up to veterans like Jahmal Williams and Quim Cardona and even a secret part from Jake Johnson Static IV & V had a little something for everyone.

Prior to coming out on DVD Josh will be hosting a few more premieres, follow the Theories of Atlantis FB page for updates. Previous Static DVD’s are available on Check some photos from the premiere below.


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