I’m always amazed by the people I meet through skateboarding. In one day I can meet a ripper, a kind soul, a kook, a grom, a party bro, someone fanning out, a new best friend and an artist. Somedays I meet this all in one person, like a warm March morning in Tampa last year where I met Cory. When I met him during Tampa Pro last year, we he was traveling around working on Art Shows with Lucas Beaufort. We talked about skating and other things and when he got excited his eyes lit up just like a kid! It was refreshing to meet someone with such energy and made the weekend a lot fun to hang out at the park. Next thing I know Cory is crashing on my couch and we’re doing art shows together in Brooklyn. He’s showing some work this Friday at Dardy Bar and I figured it was a good time to catch up with Cory and give him an interview.

Name: Cory Scroggins 
Age: 28
Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana 
Current Location: Bloomington 
Years Skating: 14
Years: Painting: 5

What’s new in the world of Cory Scroggins?
Working on new shows and just getting caught up on artwork. I was gone for a month or so in California working on my show in San Diego and help out with the last show of The LB Projects at Agenda. 

What came first for you: painting or skating?
I’ve always painted since I was a child, but really never made it full time until the last 5 years.  I started skating when I was  about 14 years old.

You paint some pretty unique characters, where do you draw your inspiration from?
Normally, I get a lot of my inspiration from the people and things around me. I see a lot of unique folks and love little characteristics of each one of them. I can be walking around or on a trip and see a person with a kooky hat or shirt on that catches my eye. I also am a huge fan of old retro signs from the 70’s and 80’s. They have some rad colors that inspire me as well. I grew up on Dr. Seuss books which always blew my mind with his use of colors and ability to create a whole new worlds for his characters. I always thought the idea of creating you own little world was fascinating. I’ve always been attracted to different colors there’s just something about them.  

daleLoudsnap4X6We met at Skatepark of Tampa last year when you were working with Lucas Beaufort, what’s that relationship like? Any new work from you two coming down the line?
Working with Lucas couldn’t be any better. He is like a brother to me. One of the realest guys you can know and is doing some really rad things for skateboarding. We did a collab a few months back that was really cool. We might do something again  down the line but we both are getting busy with shows and projects so we shall see. 

For those who don’t know you’ve done some work with New York companies and people, you wanna recap what your ties to New York are?
My first show was at Sottocasa couple years ago that started it off pretty much. From there I had a group show at Love Craft NYC. Did some boards for Michael Cohen over at Shut Skateboard Shop. Had a show with my good mate Chris Miller at the Dardy bar this year. I have a couple shows in October in NYC. Keep your eyes posted. 

What’s a normal day in the life like for you lately?
As of lately I’ve been getting ready for a couple art shows and a project I’m working on. I will paint in the mornings and in the afternoon I try to get some skating in then  as much a I can. Then it’s back to painting and creating .  

What’s your opinion of skating in New York?
If you haven’t experienced skateboarding in NYC, then you should make the trip. The skateboard scene is so raw and unique. You just throw down and skate. Don’t have to worry about spots cause you will find 10 on your way just to snag some coffee. There is just nothing like it. You can find something on the side of the street and make a spot out of it. It’s just rad . 


Favorite New York Spot?
I try to cruise around Hudson Park. Like skating that rail that runs along wall. Broadway Park in Queens had a sick ledge. Chinatown manny pad and ledges are a fun spot. I enjoy just trowing down, being able to bomb through traffic and find spots all around for a couple hours. So much fun . 

Least favorite thing about New York?
Sometimes it takes forever to get places. I’m from a small town to it can be a bit overwhelming at some points.

In your travels you get to experience a lot of different things, if you had to pick your favorite experience what would it be and why?
If I had to pick one trip that stuck out the most it would have to be this last trip to California. Me and my gf drove from Bloomington, IN to San Diego for my art show in Ocean Beach and the last show for The LB Project at Agenda. It was a rad trip just driving seeing all the different sceneries. I was hyped to see things I’ve always wanted to see since I was a child. I got to stop and skate random towns along the way. Was super rad to shred new places. I set up the last show for the LB Projects and that Was an epic time in itself. It was the last show so all the boards where there and it was great to see all of Lucas’ hard work come together in the end The drive back I got to spend 4th of July with my gf in the mountains in Colorado and skating. Doesn’t get better than that haha, just an amazing trip. I meet so many new rad people and experienced a ton of new things. Just was a sick time over all. 


What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in life, and how did you learn it?
That struggling is okay. It makes its that much better when you get to your goals. In the arts and in skateboarding you get told no, work on shows and have them fall through, even get told to give it up and get a real job but you can’t let that define you and the direction you want to go. You learn from it and end the end you end up right where your supposed to be. 


What’s a normal day in the life like for you?
I wake up early honestly most days Normally around 6-7 am. Then I’ll try to get a shower in me and some Grub in me. I usually check the YouTube for some skate videos to hype the morning vibes then it’s time to get it going for the day. Most mornings I will prep all the things I want to either start to  paint  or  a piece I’m going finish. Then I’ll mix up all the colors I want to use and get those all laid out and ready to go. After that ill dig through the board box and get ones out I want to paint on that are not to beaten up or cracked.  Sometimes I’ll prep old glass bottles that I work with as well. I usually Paint from around 8 am till around 3pm or so. After that I need a break to go skate for a bit with the mates or take my dog Luna for a hike. I try to end my days with some art prep for the next mornings art adventure or will end up working on something that’s almost done trying to finish it for the next day. 

What would you tell the young ones out there looking to pursue skating and art for a living?
Keep doing what makes you happy. Whether it’s art or skateboarding. Don’t let it slip away from you. Don’t buy into trends and stay true to yourself and the reason why you got into skating or art. Have fun as much a possible, travel, and take it day by day. 

Any thanks or shout outs for the homies?
Thanks to mom, dad, my gf Alison, Lucas Beaufort, Joel Washington Rhett Skateboard shop, Jourdin, NYskateboarding.com, Chris Miller, and to everyone who has supported and believed me over the years. And Thank you skateboarding.