The Josh Kalis Lite – I suppose these are a chill shoe that looks more like a runner, than a skate shoe, I never can tell nowadays. They seem fairly light and comfortable, my only thing with them is that my feet are wide in the toe box area and these are narrow, but that’s always been my issue with running style shoes. I even skated in them a little, before I realized they’re more of a casual shoe than for skating, but they held up, so it’s all good. 


I’ll give them a 8 for comfort and thats more because I have swim-fins for feet than the shoe, there’s always a issue, if I get a half size up, then they’re too long and I have floppy shoes – ugh. Style, I’ll say a 8, the tongues a little puffy side, but I think that’s more a Josh Kalis thing and a throw back to Tre flipping garbage cans in Philly in baggy sweats and a hoody, with a fitted baseball hat tilted backwards while blasting Wu-Tang on your iPod… All and all, a good shoe for jogging to the skate shop or bodega for a re-up on quarter water and potato chips.