Derek Rinaldi, Archie, Evan Beach, Kelly Beach, Lou, and Cara. I Photo: @digimil

The A-Skate foundation is a 501c3 non profit that allows children with autism to be part of our social world through skateboarding. This past April, the foundation partnered with local businesses and organizations around Asbury Park to host the Mini-Masters Tournament. The event was organized by Evan Beach and Derek Rinaldi. It was their first time raising funds that will be used to provide further events and activities free of charge for families of children with autism. Rinaldi has said they are  looking to host 2 major events indoors yearly.

Chris Nieratko looking for Animal Chin I Photo: @digimil

Their last event was held at Convention Hall in Asbury served nearly 100 families. A Skate foundation would like to extend a special thanks to The Smith Group of Asbury Park for their generous donation and use of their restaurant, Porta, for the after party.

Having given up on winning at golf, the boys started a thumb war. Angel wants next. I Photo: @digimil

The Dunno crew (Paul Santiago, Walter Santana, Angel Delgado, & myself) headed down for the event from Brooklyn. We we unsure of our skills but knew it was going to be a fun day. Angel had never played before the tournament and managed to stay on par…for about two holes. After that, the KCDC intern put up the most points of anyone, destroying the 5 stroke limit on a consecutive 16 hole streak. I guess we should have told him golf is all about going for the lowest score. Paul decided to be the chillest dude on the course, insisting on playing one handed the entire time while Walter stayed the course and walked away with the best score on our team. After a couple beers post game, we headed out to skate a little bit before making the return trek. I’d like to thank everyone who put the event together, it was a blast and we’re already looking forward to next year.