Deckaid and Boards for Bros working together to bring smiles to many I Photo: @digimil

In what may be their last Northeast show ever, Deckaid set up shop at the Proto Gallery in Hoboken, NJ raising over $5,000 for charity. The pop-up skateboard art show travels around raising money for charity and appeals to our inner child by collecting classic skateboard graphics from years gone by. Many collectors and pros donate from their own collections. The combined effort of all those involved has created something greater than the sum of its parts.

The board wall of our dreams I Photo: @digimil

The money raised will go to benefit Boards For Bros, the charity that gives the gift of skateboarding to those who would otherwise not be able to get into skateboarding on their own. Started by the Skatepark of Tampa, Boards For Bros has grown and expanded with local chapters in New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, California, and Illinois with more on the horizon. The organization seeks to empower the youth by teaching perseverance, the benefits of exercise, and introduce them to a community that supports each other like no other.

Bringing people together for a good cause. Thanks Deckaid! I Photo: @digimil

NJ Skateshop was well represented at the event with several boards on the wall of shop graphics, pro models, and collabs with some of skateboarding’s biggest companies.

Happy B-day Nieratko! I Photo: @digimil

Chris Nieratko was on hand as well celebrating his 21st birthday. Overall, the event was a huge success. If you weren’t able to make it to the event, check out some of the artwork we captured through the magic of photography.