Bill$ 3 is the latest installment from Angel Fonseca. Viewers will pick up on the R.B. Umali and Josh Stewart influences here. With music like Friends by Jadakiss, Bill$ captures that enviously-chill style that has always been New York’s chief export to skateboarding. There’s some solid b-roll in the form of urban roadkill and random street kooks. As for the skating, there’s not a ton of face-melters, but what you get here is something more low key and fun to watch. You see the homies cheering each other on and you’re in on the sesh. It’s a factor that’s been lacking in over-produced skate videos, a word that’s been beaten to death: rawness. It’s more than raw, better to call it genuine. Lines and spots that are widely-relatable to skaters of various abilities. It’s simple, straightforward, and a solid 11 minutes to pull up and chill to. Grab your favorite video companion goodies (food, beverage, other) and kick it for a sec.