NYSB 35mm Film recap with Ralph Steadman, Ceri Levy, Trevor Noah, Wild Aid’s John Baker and Vans Vault Team, JP (Vans Vault Manager), Samatha Goretski (Vans Marketing), Taka (Vans Art Director) and Doug Palladini (Vans Global Brand President) … Shot with Canon Sure Shot 35mm Film Kodak. Developed by Luster across from Tompkins Sk8Park.

I have been shooting film nearly as long as I have been skateboarding. Just like my passion for shooting skateboarding culture I have a similar affiliation toward film over digital when I go to events. I know its a bit of a delay for this fast pace digital era especially for recaps but when it comes to Skateboarding and Art you don’t have to put a deadline on cool concept Recaps. Hence I like the look and feel of the film for these occasions.