Trash Records captures the atmosphere of the late 80’s/early 90’s record and skate shops. I Photo: @digmil

Beyond The Streets curator Roger Gastman partnered with adidas originals & adidas Skateboarding to bring the LA art show out to NYC. The exhibition pays tribute to the history of graffiti, with a nod to the connection skateboarding has within the culture. Featuring a heavy selection of Beastie Boys Memorabilia and work by the legendary Glen E. Friedman. These huge names are among 150 artists being showcased from around the world. Taking over two floors and 100,000 sq ft of space it’s worth checking out the location at 25 Kent in Brooklyn.

The first documented air (Tony Alva) and the type of film Glen Friedman used to capture it on.

I spoke with Glen who was kind enough to give me a short overview of the many album covers and Skateboarder Magazine issues he worked on. Incredible to see so much skate history on display. Beyond the Streets goal is to highlight artists like Friedman who helped pave the way for the acceptance and ultimate appreciation people have for the world of so-called street art that we are seeing today.

“…we share a lot of the same space. We live under bridges together, DIY’s, etc. I think there’s a lot of similarities in that way.”

Cans, Cans, Cans! I Photo: @digimil

Bombing the streets has a different meaning for skaters and taggers, but in effect it’s pretty similar. Go down the street hitting as many things as you can. Walls, Hydrants, whatever you see along the way. Whether you’re using a pen, can, or your board, the experience is thrilling.

“Us as skateboarders, we understand there is a distinct connection between what graffiti writers and skaters do. Not only in a philosophical and participatory way, we share a lot of the same space. We live under bridges together, DIY’s, etc. I think there’s a lot of similarities in that way. But more obvious is that a lot of the artwork ends up on the bottom of skateboards. It ends up on T-shirts. Their visual language has shown up in the culture of skateboarding in such a natural way.” – Cullen Poythress, adidas skateboarding.

Glen E. Friedman looks over a collection of his work on display. I Photo: @digimil

The exhibition opened to the public on June 21st and runs through August 2019. Visit the gift shop for one of a kind items and numerous books, prints, and more. Proceeds benefit the Harold Hunter Foundation. So go see it in full color and in person for a much bigger and fulfilling experience!