This week, in some kind of generous miracle from the skate gods, we received some CBD topicals and tinctures with the ailing skateboarder in mind. Receptra Naturals hooked it up with some healing vibes so we can stay on the grind despite Carpal Tunnel, sore muscles, and other minor injuries. There’s been a wave of CBD taking over as the new trend in wellness, especially with the recent legalizations in Marijuana across the globe. THC is the part of Cannabis that gives you the fun feelings described as being high, CBD is just the stuff that provides pain relief. So no matter where you are CBD is legal to have.

I keep these little buddies in my bag at all times. I Photo: @digimil

I’ve been personally been using this stuff for the past week. As a 33 year old skateboarder with a hip replacement, arthritis, and chronic muscle soreness, I can confirm this stuff works. It’s been helpful in keeping my pain in check. CBD helps me maintain a healthy activity level and keeps me on the board. I prefer the topical cream that rubs directly onto where it hurts. I find that works faster than the tincture.  Tincture is applied under the tongue and absorbs into your system orally.

The tincture is a little stonger at 500mg vs the 200mg in the topical. I Photo: @digimil

The brand also sees that their product is something that can help skaters. They sponsored Go Skate Day here in NY along with Supra footwear. On a personal note I also respect that they support veterans, being an Air Force veteran myself I like to see companies that look out. They gave us a discount code for you to use in case you are curious about trying CBD on your own. On the Receptra website, type in the code: ReceptraGSD for 15% off when you order.