Drop In skate park (Hillburn, NY) kicked off 2012 with a best trick contest along with an Old School Skateboard Show (via Solid Foundation) Saturday night. Over 180 people showed up and skaters competed for best trick street or best trick bowl. Check the photos and clips below.

Best Trick Contest Results:
(sent over by Mike at Stimulus Skateboards)

1. Shane McGrane
2. Nico Magalhaes
3. Dylan Nieves

1. Nico Magalhaes
2. Colby Deluccia
3. Pat Galloway

China Bank
1. John Carson
2. Tony Cocchi
3. Dylan James

1. Dylan James
2. Nico Magalhaes
3. Pat Galloway (tie)
3. Dustin Younie (tie)
Honorable Mention: Matt Messina

Contest Photos:

video recap via MrNorthernNJskating

Old School Skateboard Show Photos: